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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  October 29, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. google won't say a word about what it's up to out on the bay. we got on a boat and went to see for ourselves. >> a bay area man who went off for a search in a fortune in gold has gone missing. and a bay area community rallies around a teen shot by a sheriff deputy before saying good-bye. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. andrea -- she has the latest. andrea. >> ken, liz, this memorial site is where the gathering crowds have been for the past week in this case. today, they took their morning of andy lopez inside a church. carried by friends and family, andy lopez's body was ushered
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in with spanish hymns. and the heartbreak of an entire community. >> all the songs that were there really gave you a little punch in the heart. >> i have grandchildren. it's terrible. it's terrible. >> inside the church, a standing room only crowd came to pay their respects and find peace with andy's death last week. >> i think that maybe being here in church might consolidate you for a few minutes, but then the nightmare will never go away. >> many at the mass knew the teen. >> they took away one of my friends from his parents and from my life. >> for others, andy's face was a stranger in the crowd. until his death. now, the 13-year-old, a symbol
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of violence hitting too close to home. >> it's heart wrenching. it's very heart wrenching, having seeing the mother. i cannot fathom what she's going through. >> long after andy was taken back to the funeral home and his family left to mourn in private, the crowd stayed, offering prayers for a child who could have been their own. >> we all want to believe he's in a better place, that he's in heaven, but then again, we don't understand why. >> stop, please, no more. >> reporter: the funeral was this evening, but the burial date up in the air. a date has not been set to lay him to rest permanently. andrea, kpix5. >> a california lawmaker wants to reintroduce a bill requiring all toy guns to look just that, like toys. senator kevin on the left originally made the proposal in 2011. he wants fake guns translucent
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or brightly colored so there is no mistaking this is a toy. the nra and toy companies fought that proposal and it never passed. >> i imagine that people who make these toy guns say the point is for them to look real and no one wants a gun that is bright yellow or bright orange, what do you say to them? >> we are talking about children's lives. lives that will be cut down short because law enforcement did not have the ability within a split nanosecond to dediscriminate between the real thing and a fake gun. >> federal law requires imitation guns to have an orange tup on the barrel, but the law does not cover pellet guns, so andy lopez's gun did not have one. following the tragedy, police departments around the bay area are now warning trick-or- treaters not to carry toy guns on halloween. or anything else that could be mistaken for a weapon. >> we are chipping away at the
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bigamistly floating out on the bay. tonight, we took matters into our own hands to find out what google is up to on that barge. brian webb gives us an exclusive front row seat. brian. >> bright lights back behind me, that is it. the secret floating construction project hiding in plain sight on the bay. it's behind security guards and gates, so tonight, we cheaterred our own boat to take a closer look. we head off to treasure island. the mysterious floating google barge and the secrets that lie within. something san francisco's own mayor admits he has no idea about. >> no. they kept the secret from me as well. >> as we cruise up, almost close enough to touch, you can see cargo containers stacked four high. theories on what this is range
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from a floating data center, a retail store, a super secret laboratory to a floating paint ball arena. the crew did some work on the project, but sworn to secrecy. we found our own expert, an architect who uses buildings on water. >> at this scale for a floating structure, it's the first i've heard of. >> joel tells me cargo containers are functional and cheap and you are out of reach of many regulations. he thinks the theory of a data center is interesting, but his money is on a floating google shopping center. >> they wouldn't be doing something so visibly public and with so much secrecy surrounding it if they didn't want a marketing blast when they announced what it was. >> alass, the google barge will keep its secrets at least for another day. as we reported one of our
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sources, a floating retail space for google glassings. so far, google hasn't surrendered any of its secrets, but we'll stay on top of the story. brian webb, kpix5. >> the google barge has become more than just a mystery ship. someone set up a twitter account for it. so far, there's been no mention or a hint of what the barge could be up to. around the clock search is on tonight for a missing san jose man, 65-year-old, walter steiver went mining for gold in the sierra last wednesday. his family called deputies. when the nevada sheriff's department are searching a rural area in nevada city. >> every day i see him going to the park or school just working that metal detector. minding his own business. >> very smart and sharp guy with his hands. he built all the concrete fences over there at our place and there was a neighbor down the road that became ill and
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needed a wheelchair ramp and he set it all up for the neighbor. >> right now, crews are saying this is a rescue mission and they don't suspect foul play. a vote that was supposed to happen today on a proposal to close san francisco parks overnight has been delayed until next tuesday. anthony says san francisco is the only large city in the country without statutory opening and closing hours for parks. making them easy targets for vandalism. >> and so we have a situation in san francisco where we have a growing amount of vandalism. a lot of vandalism and dumping. almost happens in the middle of the night. >> this legislation is alive. it's just done nothing but to garner headlines to try and demonize homeless people, push them out of the city. >> the vandalism problem is so serious, it cost rec and park a million dollars a year to clean
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up. more than 100 officers are wanted in santa clara for levi stadium duties starting next summer. the city wants to hire 120 cops for the stadium during 49er games, concerts, college football games and the 50s super bowl in 2016. to pay for a part-time gig is $55 an hour. the city council is to approve a budget. the california factory that makes the popular hot sauce is in danger of shutting down. neighbors have a beef with it. people who live near the plant in urbandale said the overwelming smell of chili peppers is making their eyes and throats burn. the city filed a public nuisance lawsuit. >> every morning it smells like chili powder, it's irritating. >> we have been over. you go to the exterior and it's horrible. >> the chief executive says if
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the factory is shut down, the price will jump because they are already having a hard time meeting demand. a judge is set to make a ruling on thursday. the obama administration official who oversaw the disastrous launch of the obama care website told lawmakers she's sorry. >> to the millions of americans who attempted to use to shop and enroll, i want to apologize to you. the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. >> officials knew obama care wasn't ready for prime time or any time for that matter. cnn reports people who worked on the project warned the white house in september that the website wasn't ready to go live. well, the fallout is expanding beyond the botched launch. jim says a hot question now is did the president mislead americans to sell his signature law? >> it's a presidential sales
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pitch. >> if you like your plan, keep your plan. >> millions of americans aren't buying anymore. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it. >> as obama care becomes reality, construction workers are finding they can't keep their plans. >> i'm furious. i'm stomping mad. the guys, they have gotten the same letters and then, you know, when we called blue cross, blue shield, we have been dealing with this all day long. >> he's not alone. nearly 15 million americans who get coverage through individual plans may see their policies changed or canceled because they fall short of obama care requirements. they can buy new insurance under the healthcare law and apply for subsidies. >> did the president mislead american people when he made that comment repeatedly? >> the white house press secretary tried to make the case it's not obama care taking away those individual plans, it's the insurance companies.
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>> what is absolutely true is if you had a plan before the affordable care act that you liked on the individual market and your insurance company didn't take that away from you and offer something else you purchased, but they provided you the same plan this whole time, you can keep it and that's true. >> cbs news has confirmed 279,000 californians are getting notices that their current policies are no longer adequate under the new law and will be canceled. nationwide, about 2 million people will be forced to shop for a new plan. he's not called the people's pope for nothing. watch as this little boy named carlos jumps on the stage and walks right up to the pope to give him a big hug. yeah. rubs his head there, continues speaking to thousands of families. carlos makes the most of it, waving to the crowd before sitting in the pope's chair while pope francis spoke.
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a brazen bear out foxes california wildlife rangers and no one knows where it went. >> i'm kit doe and i should be flee feet of water, but, the creek mysteriously dried up almost overnight. we have that story coming up. what the heck is she going to do with that place? >> and yahoo boss makes an erie purchase just in time for halloween. head's up, it's going to be a very cold night. coldest night since easter, we have a frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay. find out how chilly we will get and when we will warm up. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more than a foot altogether hopefully a sign of a great season to come. the sun is : more snow in the sierra today. more than a foot all together. hopefully a sign of a great season to come. the snow is expected tomorrow just in time for trick or treaters. >> a dust storm contributed to this deadly 19 vehicle pileup. at least three people died. a dozen more injured on interstate 10 an hour south of phoenix. authorities say strong winds, low visibility from the dust
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helped cause a chain reaction accident shortly after noon. six big rigs were involved. and a good chunk of south bay creek is completely dry. >> a spot only a sad sight for neighbors is wiping out the fish population. kit doe shows us what it's going to take to get steven's creek flowing again. hike down into steven's creek and you'll see it doesn't look like much of a creek at all. >> as of last friday, we had no creek. >> he lived next to the creek for 19 years, last week he was shocked to see this. dead after a 3/4 mile stretch dried out. it's a threatened species and there were probably 100 carcasses mixed in with other fish and craw dads. it's been a seafood bananza for the birds and raccoons. >> this turns into a raccoon buffet? >> yeah. very shortly, if again, it dries out any further. >> and it happened suddenly, there's water in this photo
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taken october 19 and this is what it looks like nine days later. the water district has been releasing water into the creek from local reservoirs, but just vanishing. >> it's been a dry year. we had been keeping the water going to fremont avenue and expected the water would continue to flow there. so it's a little -- we don't know right now exactly what caused it. >> hiked the creek bed and found 29 dried out pools and says if nothing is done remaining pools could be lost. >> i don't consider myself an emotional person, but after getting into that hike the other day, it was pretty sobering, it was sad. >> the water district will be cracking open a valve a mile and a half up the creek. that water will come from the delta and take time for the fish to repopulate this area. that happens tomorrow. in sunny vail, kpix5. >> the water district has asked two pumping sites up stream to cut back while they investigate. >> yahoo's ceo just bought
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palo alto's oldest funeral home. a strange purchase for someone like her, but here's why. the 1.16-acre property is a block away from meyer's addison avenue home. the sources tell the mountain view voice that meyer bought the place but they won't say how much she paid. neighbors are not impressed. >> what the heck is she going to do with that place? not something i'd like in my inventory. >> she could buy a compound and not disturb her neighbors. >> facebook's mark zuckerberg bought up properties in his neighborhood. >> and speaking of facebook, if you've been by the company's space latsly, you may have noticed something different. troubling news for those who
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enjoy a little wine. there's a shortage. morgan stanley research says global production dropped by more than 5% last year creating an under supply of 300 million cases a year. mostly because of bad weather in the grape growing regions of france and argentina. america produces 8% of the world's wine. police officers swarmed a southern california neighborhood, tried to catch a furry fugitive. it was a black bear. check it out. bear was running on a golf course this morning. then darted across the street, up an embankment, jumped over a fence into somebody's yard. for hours, the bear terrified neighbors and out foxed game wardens. >> he's huge. one of the biggest black bears i have seen. i used to do a bear rescue committee, and he looks scared. >> tag on that bear makes it clear he has been around before. the bear climbed up a tree
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where it was tranquilized, but it got away again. it was sound asleep 5:30 this afternoon, not clear when it will be released back into the wild. >> took it a while for it to kick in. >> grinata hills is a little wild. >> an ounce of celebrity. >> it's going to be chilly tonight. >> chilly outside right now. >> it already is chilly. it will get worse, if you will, over the next several hours. plan on the chilliest morning since easter, a live look outside. golden gate is clear. fog won't be an issue, but the temperature will, especially if you're out and about early. it will be a two-dog night. 40 degrees. santa rosa, 37. 42 in san rafael. 42 for fremont. 42 for liver more and the 40s for mountain view and san jose. by the time the kids are out trick or treating, the weather will be milder. it should be a mainly clear and
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chilly evening. i remember sunset on halloween is 6:12. let's talk about what is going on. big area of low pressure that gave us the wind on sunday, gave us sierra snowfall on monday and now today, we had some clouds in the morning, but clear out efficiently. we'll keep that northerly influence. that flow coming down from canada tomorrow. as we transition away from high pressure or low pressure and toward high pressure, it will be a chilly day tomorrow, but sunshine from start to finish. a cold start, a brisk afternoon, but mainly sunny skies throughout the day. then on thursday, halloween, and for the several days thereafter, it's about high pressure. it's sinking air giving us lots of sunshine. it will be milder and staying in the 70s for three days and that will get here on sunday. sunny but chilly tomorrow. and the next front will get here on sunday. highs tomorrow pretty brisk. livermore, five degrees below
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normal. coupetycupertino65. vallejo 66. richmond 64. sanoma67. and lake port despite all the sunshine. back to the 70s on thursday. first day of november, mild, sunny. saturday will also be sunny and mild, then we have the next front moving through. but it will be cooler and cloudier, but not a drop of rain. that's your forecast. we will be bright. right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the solution may be as simpl still struggling to pull together that halloween costume? >> a solution may be as simple as reaching for your smart phone. just go to digital duds, buy a
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shirt, and down load the free app to animate it. you can choose um imagines of roving eyeballs, beating hearts, and other creepy stuff. each shirt has a little hidden pocket to secure your phones. >> i get it. you can down load another app called masketeer. hold your ipad up to your face and press toe, instant costume. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wheel was invent : warriors tip off their nba season tomorrow at home versus the lakers. for the first time since the wheel was invented, they have higher expectations. >> everybody has a chance to
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win a championship tomorrow. >> not so fast, at home versus the clippers, close game until the fourth when the lakers go on an 18-6 run. coast to coast to lakers won this game with all starters on the bench in the fourth quarter. check out these, the warriors to win the title, 22-1. the lakers 50-1. unheard of. of course, the heat are favored at 9-5. king james and company got their championship rings hosting the bulls at home. we are the champions, you hear that? lebron james spins for the layup. he had 17-6 on the night. heat picks up where they left off. they win 107-95. >> we saw a lot of that last year. >> that is a huge fish. >> williams became the first woman to have the winning catch in cabo san lucas' black and
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blue marlon tournament. won $400,000. >> unbelievable. >> see you in 30 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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